Effective Personal Workouts? That’s not Rocket Science !!?!

Relax: it’s not that kind of science project, either.

I suppose the theory behind this blog is: can we all get healthier and fitter if provided with the right kind of information and choices?

I believe so, so here we are. You will find some great stories and groups from around the web, as well as first-hand stories from friends and contacts – and you can join in, by leaving a comment, or using the form on the contact page elsewhere – that will have been specifically chosen to give you encouragement, support, and above all MOTIVATION to get in shape!

It worked for me, and I could not be happier: I both look and feel the best I have done for years (if not ever) and awake each day looking forward to continuing my personal fitness journey of (self?) discovery.

GB @ The Great NZ Science Project