How To Perform A Power Bag Squat

Stand holding the Power bag across your shoulders. Squat down, knees and ankles flexed until thighs are parallel with ground; keep back stiff as you look up towards what’s before you or ahead in this new adventure!

Jump as high and far as possible. Keep your knees inline with the toes, do not allow them to rise off of ground or bend at any time while jumping; explode straight up into an arch that stretches you from head-to line up all fours after jump for landing softly on both feet then extend one leg back towards yourself before bringing hands together in prayer position overhead ready for next repetition.

The sandbag power bag should be slung across your shoulders in a firemen’s carry. The key to this exercise is not just the weight, but also making sure that you do it correctly by keeping your feet shoulder width apart and bending at both knees so as not pass over (or go under) toe line when lowering yourself down towards ground.

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart; hold power bag/sandbags upright about hip height if possible – overhead holds may cause back strain! Keep abs tight while slowly raising torso upwards until reaching erect vertical posture pose.

Keep your back straight, keep that chin high in the air as you lower yourself down into a squat. Drive up through all fours using those glutes to get back out again!

I can’t believe this is a workout for your legs! It’s so much more than just squats and lunges. This power generation system targets glutes, quads (including calves), hip flexors as well as the hamstrings with an emphasis on generating force rather than cardio exercise such has running or rowing which rely heavily upon motion instead of strength to generate energy in order to get up hills, this really is my best power bag exercise.

Power bag  Zercher squats are a great way to strengthen your quads and hip flexors, Power Bag Australia on Instagram have some great videos.

I love them because they target the muscle group that gets neglected when you don’t have weight overhead, like in front squatting! There’s also less risk for injury so Zerchers should always replace bad form with good posture!

Power bag Zercher squats are like a front squat, but with one difference. You need to push the weight load over your anterior chain so that you can target those glorious quads and hip flexors of yours!

And just as in case it helps any confusion: “Anterior Chain” is fancy talk for our glutes (and other muscles). So Zerchers really do work those muscle groups hard – both during execution AND when we stand back up again after taking an all new deep belly breathe!!

How To Perform The Kettlebell Jerk

I spoke about the importance of efficiency in kettlebell sport and explained how to achieve a more efficient rack position.

With kettlebells being such a staple of many fitness programs, it’s no wonder that the jerk is an important part. To quote from Smith: “Artistic perfection can be attained by one who has been trained in both body and mind.”

The same holds true for sport skills like this one! So let’s take some time today to discuss how you too could perfect your jerking ability when training with a Kettlebell.

The jerk is a test of strength, accuracy and speed. Contestants shoot at targets on ski slopes with rifles known as “biathletes.”

So what exactly do you need for this event? You’ll have to go all out in order not only hit your target but also hold it there while other competitors jiggle their way past or around yours!

The second lift in the Biathlon is like a snatch for males. They use two kettle bells, but these are usually heavier and not adjustable as much to fit different people’s strength levels because it can get quite technical when trying them out at first!


For female athletes, it is a choice of whether they will compete with two kettlebells or only one. The competition can be held by an organization and federation in various ways depending on what type of meet you’re talking about when things get technical!

According to Dangerously Fit, there are two types of jerks. One requires one kettl bell and one hand while the other requires two bells for each arm with both hands on top at all times; you’ll need an intense workout routine before trying this!

The jerk has been around for centuries and it still throws people off their game. Whether you’re a bobsledder or an athlete, there’s no way to avoid taking one in full speed!

The same technical considerations apply: wearing pads at all times; making sure your feet are properly secured on the runner blades so they don’t slip as well not letting go when necessary since holding onto anything while gliding down slopes can be dangerous – but if traction isn’t an issue then feel free to hold tight because this is going fast enough already.

The kettlebell overhead press is one of the first exercises that most people learn when they start lifting weights. This technique doesn’t work for everyone though because it relies too heavily on using your legs while neglecting to use them at all or improperly with arm and shoulder motion.

It’s amazing how many newbies will try this lift by just “muscling” their bells over head–using mostly abdominal muscles as opposed to putting any real strain onto shoulders, triceps etc.. I would recommend instead doing basic push ups (or even better-the pistol) until you can complete these without breaking out into hives!

This system might work for lighter kettlebells, but once you start pushing against heavier ones and trying to use this technique with a powerbag, movements like cleans or snatches it falls apart.

To stay competitive, it is important that the kettlebell sport athlete understands how to use their legs. The more power you can generate from them in a short amount of time will allow for faster speeds and greater efficiency with heavier weights.

This power must be combined with the skill of quickly relaxing your body, and then dropping to catch those kettle bells overhead.

Backing up just a little bit here – this is all about learning how balancing feels for both hand-to-hand movements or overhead activities; get into position by standing on one leg while holding onto something sturdy like wall hooks in an open gym space, before trying anything else! It may take time but if push comes to shove there will always be someone around willing enough help out when needed (no pun intended).

Once we’ve established our center I want you practice lifting weights slowly at first so that these muscles have had ample opportunity adjusting.

Train With A Steel Club for Fast Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose weight with steel club training, working out with a clubbell could make all the difference in losing belly fat. Shedding those excess pounds and finally seeing a new trim and slim ‘you’ could be well worth the expense. Body transformations are not easy to achieve, it requires both moral and physical support as also selection of the right type of steel club exercises. You may be interested in what it takes to enrol in a steel club certification.

Not easy going it alone
Often after exercising for several weeks and months you find you have not been able to shed any weight. A Personal Trainer will be able to check out the type of exercises you are doing as also check your eating habits in case you are not following a proper diet. If required, the Trainer will make changes in your clubbell exercise routine, besides helping you to stay motivated; also by having someone to be accountable to, your efforts to achieve fast weight loss will definitely bear fruit. Steel clubs are excellent for building strength, burning fat and toning up.


Use of proper guidance
A Personal Trainer will draw up a proper exercise schedule for you, one that will include the activities you need such as clubbell training, cardio, flexibility etc. A Trainer will also help you to set the right goals and draw up suitable schedules. It takes time to select the right weights, reps and exercises, so having the services of a personal trainer will definitely help.

Looking for Fast Weight Loss? Hire a Personal Trainer!

Your personal trainer will also provide you with a special eat 1 meal a day nutrition plan.

Why You Should Stretch Before Your Sunshine Coast Boot Camp

Working out requires your body to be flexible so that you can reach, bend and twist per the requirements of each exercise. When you stretch your joints open up and give you a full motion range. If you are new to working out, you may not know how to go about a stretching warm-up. Awkward stretching could lead to straining of your joints, so you should take guidance from a Sunshine Coast boot camp fitness personal trainer.

How stretching affects the body
As mentioned above when you do regular stretching your body will increase in flexibility. The muscles become more flexible and your nervous system gets trained to bear up with further stretching.  If you indulge in stretching say for a month or so and then stop, the flexibility you achieve will disappear. Stretching helps the body to develop greater tolerance by creating changes in the unit level of muscle-tendon resulting in increased motion range.
Flexibility demands

How much flexibility you require will depend on the type of activity you have in mind. Example, if you run or jog you would not need the same range of flexibility as a ballet dancer or gymnast would. When you exercise your tendons and muscles tend to store and let out energy in a kind of spring action. If you emit surplus flexibility it could reduce the natural spring of the muscle. This would not be helpful for certain activities such as jumping, running, net games etc which require sudden changes of direction. On the flip side a Sunshine Coast personal trainer will advise you that lesser flexibility can cause straining of the muscles as the muscles will be unable to stretch and absorb such energy.

Stretching examples
PNF or facilitation of proprioceptive neuromuscular stretching: The methods for this type of stretching can vary. In general, PNF involves holding on to a stretch with simultaneous contracting and then relaxing of the muscle.
▪ Static stretching: This type of stretch involves moving the muscle to a point where mild discomfort is experienced and holding the position for around 30 seconds.
▪ Bouncing stretches: These stretches are good for increasing the range of body motion. It involves bouncing and jerking movements while stretching.
▪ Dynamic stretching: This stretching involves movements that are gentle and repetitive. Swinging of the arms is a good example. You would need to slowly increase the motion but yet remain within the stipulated range.

Battle Ropes

Injury risk
Though stretching is advocated before doing any serious workout, it will not protect you from injuries. It could help to some extent in reducing the chances of muscle tears, ligament tears, sprains and strains. Most fitness courses will have insurance if you do happen to injure yourself.

Warming up
Stretching as also some light aerobic movements, are required as a warm up before starting a workout.  This will help to increase the range of motion and prepare the body for more intense movements. The blood flow increases to the muscles and the heart rate goes up. When the muscles are warmed up they are able to produce more energy resulting in quicker reaction time. If you enjoy doing stretching you should include it in your regular routine. However as mentioned above it would be wise to take the advice of a Sunshine Coast personal training instructor so that you undertake the right type of stretching before you start your workout.

Hire a Personal Trainer to Help You Gain Muscle

As a regular workout enthusiast, one of your prime aims should be to gain muscles. Irrespective of whether you are fat or thin, gaining muscles has several benefits for you. If you are thin, more muscles will make you look fitter, stronger and leaner. And if you are obese or even overweight, gaining muscles can indirectly help you to lose fat!

Yes, lean muscles always require more energy to perform as compared to fat tissues. So the more lean muscles you have, the more your body will burn the stored fat in order to meet its increased need for energy. However, developing muscles in a healthy and safe manner can be difficult especially if you are clueless about how to do it correctly. So to avoid any unpleasant experience or failure, always hire a personal trainer if you are thinking of getting bigger.

A Personal Trainer Can Show You How To Gain Muscle

Losing or gaining can be a long drawn, arduous process. Excessive weight gained or lost in an unplanned manner can result in massive damage to your body’s vital life processes and may even push you towards various lifestyle ailments. You may gain unhealthy fat or become too thin but that is not what you want. And there are other factors to consider too such as your gender, age, present fitness condition, fitness goals and so on.

Your Personal Trainer will Structure the Most Effective Workout

There are myriads of workouts that are very effective for developing muscles. However, not all of them will be equally suitable for you. So instead of floundering in the dark, hire a personal trainer today who will help you select the right path. He will begin by first understanding your needs and goals and then select the workouts most appropriate and safe for you.

Your Trainer will help Prevent Injury

Injury is one of the biggest curses of a training regimen. Working out on your own is always prone to risk of injury if you don’t know how to go through the steps correctly. But with your trainer by your side, you can continue and conclude your training with complete confidence. This is crucial to your fitness goal of gaining muscles as you would not like to discontinue midway because of injuries such as sprain, strains or tear in ligaments.

Your Trainer will Motivate and Inspire You

Lack of motivation is another common curse associated with long-term fitness plans. It is difficult to continue training for months on end as gaining muscles is no overnight trick. However, your trainer knows all the tricks and tips required to inspire you at times. Using a combined approach of discipline and motivational talks, he will ensure you can reach your goals in time.

Your Trainer will Guide you on diet and Nutrition

Nutrition is crucial to gaining muscles successfully and should be an integral part of your plan. To find free tips on how to get bigger muscles; visit bodybuilding blog.

Here too, the advice and guidance of a competent personal trainer is essential for maximum impact. He has the knowledge and experience required to structure an effective diet plan for your success.

Ways to Ensure you Achieve your Fitness Results Quickly

Starting an exercise so as to reach a fitness goal is not easy. As it is physical exercise is a strenuous activity…on top of that you have to do it regularly under the supervision of Bondi health and fitness gym and in a disciplined manner if you want to see results. Understandably, motivation is a big factor and most routines that drag on endlessly hardly achieve anything worthwhile. So how do successful trainers and clients ensure stay focused and achieve measurable results in real time? The trick is to follow a planned approach and stick to certain principles no matter how difficult it may be.

Get Involved…Seriously

Don’t start an exercise regime with Bondi health and fitness gym simply because your friends have done so or you envy sexy TV stars. You will never see the desired results until and unless you are fully involved both physically and mentally. In fact, exercise should become an integral part of your daily routine and something that you truly enjoy. You should be fully convinced about the needs and benefits of exercise for your health…only then will you have that inner urge that can make all the difference between success and failure.

Set Achievable Goals

No workout routine will give results if you don’t know what to achieve. Setting goal is one of the first things you should do in consultation with Bondi outdoor personal training. However, do remember not to aim for the stars from the very beginning. Set short-term, easy goals that can be achieved quickly. This will act as a great morale booster especially if you have a long way to go (lot of weight to lose). You will actually look forward to more exercises if you are able to achieve small successes at regular intervals.

Include Diversity

If you want to see results quickly, always focus on your entire body in each session. You should never limit your sessions to only one category of exercise or one particular group of muscles. Focusing on only one area of your body prolongs the process unnecessarily as you will need more time to develop your entire body to the same level of fitness you desire. On the contrary, incorporating different workouts and focusing on all the muscles spreads the benefit of exercise to your entire body simultaneously. Check out some great videos about workout theme and variety.

Never Overdo

In your zeal to see results faster, you will do more harm to your body if you exercise too much. The urge to do better should never be mistaken for an unhealthy obsession with health and fitness. Overtraining means you are pushing your body beyond its endurance threshold without giving it adequate time for refreshing itself. Always listen to your trainer about how to increase the intensity and pace gradually so that your regime remains safe.

Rest Adequately

Rest is the time your body needs to repair muscles that have been worn out and damaged during training. Lack of proper rest weakens your constitution and makes you injury-prone. You will never see quick results if you stay inactive most of the time due to injury. You must also follow a planned diet and cut down on indulgences if you want to reach your fitness goal quickly.

Finding a Weight Loss Program in Sydney

Finding a weight loss Sydney program is no easy task. When you find one, be prepared to go through a rigorous boot camp workout and intense personal training. Not only will you be fortifying your body’s overall health, you will look and feel better. With the summer around the corner, the idea of looking good in shorts, tank tops, or any other clothing becomes a priority for you. It is easier to feel confident and vibrant when your entire body, brain, and heart benefits from exercises. There is a large variety of weight loss programs, and not all of them will be suitable for everyone.

Some programs will implement a boot camp program, depending on your needs and body stats. The armed forces have incorporated a large variety of exercises such as fitness, Pilates, yoga, karate, and kung-fu. There are other weight loss Sydney programs that focus on building your strength, agility, and endurance up to par.

Weight loss Sydney boot camp programs can vary, and most of them are fairly intense in aerobic and strength training elements. One boot camp might focus on military-style exercises while another boot camp might focus on calisthenics. Martial arts may or may not be incorporated. Some classic calisthenics such as pushups, crunches, lunges, and pull-ups can be expected. Boot camps stress the value of intervals, which is a rush of intense activities alternated with light activity for a sense of a cool down period. The light activities keep the heart rate up and avoid blood pooling; blood pooling gives causes the sore muscles after a quality workout.

There are many benefits of a Weight loss Sydney boot camp workout such as a whole body workout that focuses on endurance and strength. Boot camps are attractive options because they are challenging, require little to no specialized equipment, and create a sense of camaraderie among the other clients. If you want an intense program, boot camps can provide a strong foundation of aerobic and strength capacity. Before choosing your boot camp program, first evaluate a few things such as a boot camp’s fans, past results, the instructors’ qualifications, the aerobic and strength activities, reviews, and your fitness goals.

If you are looking for quality Weight loss boot camp, inquire about the structure of their program. Boot camp is not ideal for people who lack a solid aerobic foundation. If you are older than 40, have exercised in years, have health problems, or you are pregnant, you should consult with your psychical or doctor if the program is a right fit for you. If you want a fast-paced energy workout and faster results with comrade, boot camp is probably what you need. A fitness boot camp can be located in a local fitness center or a gym. A professional boot camp will understand and work around your health issues if you have any. A boot camp with professional staff will be attentive and adapt certain exercises to fit your capabilities.

Bootcamp Tips & Tricks

It is very important that you keep your mind in a calm state when you are doing your bootcamp workouts. This helps in maintaining a positive attitude throughout the session as well as giving you encouragement, given that fitness bootcamps are very difficult and full of challenges. You must be very attentive throughout the session, making sure that you listen to the fitness instructor. You should focus more on the exercises than to the pain that you are going through, so as not to lose focus on the workout and miss out on the next sequence of exercises in bootcamp Brighton.

control your breathing throughout the session. It is not easy to adapt to this technique, although with time, it will become easier for you as you continue with practice as your body is trained to take deeper breaths. Short breaks will only make your muscles become sore, and it is therefore advised that you move around instead.

You are advised to wear workout gear as well as shoes that are extremely comfortable. Also, a lot of water should be brought along in case there is no water source around. All the necessary equipments are usually supplied by the fitness bootcamps either in local parks or in gyms. Before the classes commence, a quick jog or a stretch is appropriate, despite the fact that most workout sessions begin with warm up exercises. During the sessions, you must be seen as a team player.

Bootcamp Brighton workouts are mainly done by embracing the concept of teamwork and friendliness. Always pass on motivational and encouraging words to your group members by greeting them with a smile always. Getting back into shape can be a very challenging affair, although the best results can always be achieved through bootcamp workouts and training which should be taken with a lot of commitment and determination.