How To Perform A Power Bag Squat

Stand holding the Power bag across your shoulders. Squat down, knees and ankles flexed until thighs are parallel with ground; keep back stiff as you look up towards what’s before you or ahead in this new adventure!

Jump as high and far as possible. Keep your knees inline with the toes, do not allow them to rise off of ground or bend at any time while jumping; explode straight up into an arch that stretches you from head-to line up all fours after jump for landing softly on both feet then extend one leg back towards yourself before bringing hands together in prayer position overhead ready for next repetition.

The sandbag power bag should be slung across your shoulders in a firemen’s carry. The key to this exercise is not just the weight, but also making sure that you do it correctly by keeping your feet shoulder width apart and bending at both knees so as not pass over (or go under) toe line when lowering yourself down towards ground.

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart; hold power bag/sandbags upright about hip height if possible – overhead holds may cause back strain! Keep abs tight while slowly raising torso upwards until reaching erect vertical posture pose.

Keep your back straight, keep that chin high in the air as you lower yourself down into a squat. Drive up through all fours using those glutes to get back out again!

I can’t believe this is a workout for your legs! It’s so much more than just squats and lunges. This power generation system targets glutes, quads (including calves), hip flexors as well as the hamstrings with an emphasis on generating force rather than cardio exercise such has running or rowing which rely heavily upon motion instead of strength to generate energy in order to get up hills, this really is my best power bag exercise.

Power bagĀ  Zercher squats are a great way to strengthen your quads and hip flexors, Power Bag Australia on Instagram have some great videos.

I love them because they target the muscle group that gets neglected when you don’t have weight overhead, like in front squatting! There’s also less risk for injury so Zerchers should always replace bad form with good posture!

Power bag Zercher squats are like a front squat, but with one difference. You need to push the weight load over your anterior chain so that you can target those glorious quads and hip flexors of yours!

And just as in case it helps any confusion: “Anterior Chain” is fancy talk for our glutes (and other muscles). So Zerchers really do work those muscle groups hard – both during execution AND when we stand back up again after taking an all new deep belly breathe!!

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